Our Cheeses

Knockdrinna Make a range of Goats and Cow’s Milk Cheese, and we are continually innovating and developing new proudcts to bring to our range.

Currently our range includes:

Knockdrinna Snow

Knockdrinna Snow Goat’s Brie

Knockdrinna Snow  is our best selling and post popular cheese. Knockdrinna Snow is firm when young with citrus flavours.

Softening from the outside into the centre, the cheese develops stronger more complex flavours as it matures which melt on the mouth. The cheese has a bloomy white penicillin rind which has the appearance of soft snow, hence the name “Knockdrinna Snow”.

Knockdrinna Gold

Knockdrinna Gold

Knockdrinna Gold is a semi hard goats milk  cheese with a beautiful golden rind, which is  developed naturally by washing the rind with  an organic white wine wash. It has a creamy  texture and a smoked  nutty flavour with a  hint of pepper when  mature.

Major  category winner at  the 2013 British  Cheese Awards for  ‘Best Modern British’.